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This broke my fucking heart

oh my god I love this in the saddest way you could love something like this :(

"You know, this may sound crazy, but I’m gonna miss that Slap Bet."
"No, you won’t."
"No, you’re right. I won’t."

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when you walk by a mirrorimage



3d printing can be used to print sonograms i.e. life size developing babies. These 3D sonograms are used to help blind expectant parents “see” their babies.





Okay guys
My brother bought this necklace(locket?) For himself today. On the way home from the store my dad gave him a lot of grief about it being a GIRLS necklace and how GIRLY it was. My brother is TEN.
I was hoping you guy would reblog and/or like this so I can show him how many people support him wearing this necklace.
(Plus he has the April and December stone in it currently and that’s for his and his little girlfriend’s birthdays)

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If girls are allowed to wear shark tooth or skull necklaces boys should be allowed to wear hearts with epic ass stones in them.